Supinfogame RUBIKA, October 2018 - Today

Slum77 is a 2-player horror game, where players control prisoners in an underwater station
invaded by monsters and run by a mysterious AI.
Without any means of defense and no way to communicate with each other, they will have to
survive the monsters and find a way out of the station, by helping each other or not.

- designed and developed the game architecture
- developed a relative sound system (sound can be covered by louder sound and therefore change monsters behavior)
- developed the first person character controller
- ensured the network compatibility of every script created by others
- established Engine workflow, notably on scene management

This is our final year school project, currently being made with Unreal Engine 4 by a team of 7 students. Work in Progress.


Ys Interactive, August 2018 – Sept. 2018

Equinox is a narrative adventure game where you play as a lycan, changing form depending of the game's day-night cycle.
Made with UE4.

What I did as a Programmer Intern :
- interaction system
- graphics production R&D (character & environment morphing, flowmap shader)
- puzzle implementation
- module creation for UE4's Niagara particles system (mesh emission, randomized uv tiling, etc)
- water master shader
- wind material function, based on 3D noise


Ys Interactive, July 2018

Babaoo is a tablet game that allows children to develop cognitive abilities paired with a mobile app, that allows parents to follow and understand their kids’ progress. I worked only on the tablet game.

What I did as a Programmer Intern:
- UI implementation
- bug correction
- analytics implementation
- multithreading implementation of some parts of a proprietary tool used to synchronize user data
- multiples CPU optimizations


Supinfogame RUBIKA, May 2018

-System Programmer-

A game set in World War 1 about mail censorship, choices and consequences.
Inspired mostly by Reigns and Papers Please.
Made in Unity in 4 days by 6 students.

I made a modular system of events and letters based on Unity's Scriptable Objects, some shaders, and sound design.


Supinfogame RUBIKA, October 2017 - February 2018

-Gameplay & Audio Programmer-

A musical VR project made in Unity with SteamVR for 4 months by 5 students. I programmed most of the VR interactions and made the music (with Guillaume and Théophile !), sound design, and sound programming.


Personnal project, May 2017

A personnal project I made in Unity for my 3rd year Jury. I made an Occlusion/Diffraction audio system in C#. I wrote a paper on this (Fr only).

Catventure: A Meowtastic Tail

Supinfogame RUBIKA, March 2017


RPG for Android made in two weeks with a team of 7 students. You are an adventurous cat in a quest to defend the neighborhood of dangerous pigeons, rats and woodballs. You must choose among a large variety of hats, accessories and weapon to max out the statistics of your cat to defeat your foes.

We published the game on Google Play Store in partnership with OhBibi.
I programmed the whole game in 1 week and helped on graphics integration. Made in Unity.

Shader Stuff

Personnal project, March 2017

A collection of different experimentals works I pursue in GLSL & CG.
I played around a lot with Unity's Shaderlab and Shadertoy.


Supinfogame RUBIKA, January 2017

-Gameplay Programmer-

A prototype made in 5 days for Tralalère with 6 students. The goal was to teach programming to children in a fun way. In Automage the player has to program his character to carry out actions and defend himself against his environment.
Made in Unity with Jurassic.

I created every game script unrelated to Jurassic, I writed the whole core game loop.


Global Game Jam 2017, January 2017

My first game, made for the GGJ17. I programmed the audio vizualisation, shaders and made the music.

About me

I love to design large and modular game systems, as well as making audio wizardry and shader stuff.
Most of the projects above were made with game designers and game artists students from my school.

If you are interested by any of this, don't hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn or by e-mail.